How To Make Perfect Latte Art At Home

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Making your coffee at home have so many advantages. It not only saves time and money but it’s always done just the way you like it.

With the right gear and with enough practice, you can in fact turn your cup into a canvas by creating eye-catching designs like hearts and tulips with just espresso and steamed milk.

Here’s the gear and steps should you decide to get started at home:

What You Need:

  • An espresso maker with a steam wand.
  • Coffee Art Pitcher with an ultra sharp or pointed spout.
  • Wide, bowled-shaped coffee mug.
  • Milk (Use whole milk as it more easy to pour).
  • Coffee (Make sure it is finely ground).

Steps To Make The Perfect Latte:

  • Make espresso shots.
  • Fill the Coffee Art Pitcher with cold milk to the bottom of pour spout dent.
  • Aerate milk for about 3 seconds by keeping the tip of the wand towards the surface of the milk.
  • Submerge the wand to the bottom of the Coffee Art Pitcher to get milk spin in a whirlpool motion.
  • Heat the milk to 150 degrees using a thermometer. If you do not have a thermometer, you stop when you can’t touch the Coffee Art Pitcher for more than an instant.
  • Tap the pitcher on counter and swirl it gently by hand. This will pop any big bubbles and maintain dense, foamed milk or micro-foam.
  • Start by pouring high. Then, tilt coffee mug as you pour a pencil-thin stream of milk in the center of the espresso.
  • When coffee mug is half-full, pour low. Lower the Coffee Art Pitcher to just above the surface.
  • Fill the mug till a circle of white foam begins to form.
  • Make the design you want by using your wrist, move Coffee Art Pitcher slightly side to side to “draw.”
  • Finish by slowly tilting the pitcher back and draw the stream back through center of the design.

Each design requires a different pouring technique, but they all rest on some of the same principles.

First things first - take it slow. Many people have the instinct to pour too quickly.

Secondly, you need to have a Coffee Art Pitcher that allows for intuitive control of the flow rate.

Remember to be patient as latte art takes time to master. Most important is to have fun. But, with the right tools and lots of practice, you can also create an eye-catching designs!

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