How To Make Coffee Art Using Coffee Stencils At Home

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Coffee Art StencilCoffee Art Stencil

All of us love when we order a delicious cappuccino or latte from a coffee shop or cafe  and they serve it with a beautiful heart, a tulip or cool design in the latte or foam. It always brings a smile to our face and brightens-up our day!

If you want to serve beautiful and impressive-looking coffee, you may have to take up barista courses for a couple of years and learn the skills as a barista just to learn to make designs in the latte or foam. Or, you could do it the easy way.

You can still create colorful patterns on top of your latte or foam or your yummy whipped cream even if you don’t have a milk frother. It's a fun and easy way to dress your coffee to impress your friends, family members and guests!

You can customize the design too by fitting any party theme using coffee art stencils with a pattern, letter or number and of course – any color.

Coffee Art Stencil

What You Need:

  • Hot Brewed Coffee
  • Milk (Use whole milk as it is more easy to pour)
  • Coffee Art Stencils
  • Latte Art Pitcher
  • Milk Frother
  • Whipped Cream (If you don’t have a Milk Frother)
  • Colored Sugars, Cocoa Powder or Cinnamon Powder

Steps To Make Coffee Art:

  • Froth milk. Put the tip just beneath the surface, try not to gulp in the air. If you don’t have a milk frother, heat milk on the stove, but don't let it boil. Get it as close to "steamed" as you can.
  • If you are using a milk frother, when the milk is half way up the latte art pitcher, place the wand back down in the heart of the milk.
  • The Application - You need a fine froth. Get rid of any large bubbles by giving the milk in the coffee art pitcher a swirl and a few firm taps.
  • The Pour – Pour the hot brewed coffee into a coffee mug. Then pour in the froth milk or steamed milk. This is going to be a fine frothed slightly wetter foam. This is to ensure that the surface is flat with a minimum of large bubbles. If you are using steamed milk, you may have to add a thick layer of whipped cream and smooth it with a knife. This is the cheater's version of foam!
  • Stencilling – Take a coffee art stencil that you like. You can either hold the coffee art stencil or you can rest the stencil on the rim of the coffee cup which would be much easier. Sprinkle colored sugars, cocoa powder or cinnamon powder to create your design. Gently remove the stencil and voila-- you've got a beautiful leaf! Now this is a cup of coffee anyone can love!

Coffee Art Stencil

Remember, you do not have to be a barista to create latte art designs. You can also create your favorite eye-catching designs on your coffee using coffee art stencils at the comfort of your home. So, get creative and get brewing!

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