Are you (or someone you know) really, really busy – so busy that they don’t have time to grind and brew their own coffee at home? Then our selection of Starbrew One portable coffee grinders is the perfect solution for you (or them!) Grinding your own coffee at home or on the go can dramatically increase the coffee quality of the brewed. Coffee tends to lose its freshness much faster when it is in the ground form over whole bean form.

Our portable coffee grinders are excellent for adventure travelers and people who who loves the outdoors such as camping, hiking, or backpacking. They are very portable and work anywhere. It requires no batteries, power, or long plastic cords to operate your coffee grinder – excellent for any outdoor trips! 

In addition, the portable grinder does not take up much space. It has the perfect size to fit in a bag, backpack, briefcase or rucksack. Do they want an electric Coffee grinder instead? Then, take a look at our Starbrew Plus electric grinder. 

Show your love for coffee with our unique range of Starbrew One portable coffee grinders. Get one for yourself and one for your loved ones who loves coffee.