Sonic Dental Calculus Scaler
Sonic Dental Calculus Scaler
Sonic Dental Calculus Scaler
Sonic Dental Calculus Scaler
Sonic Dental Calculus Scaler
Sonic Dental Calculus Scaler
Sonic Dental Calculus Scaler
Sonic Dental Calculus Scaler

Sonic Dental Calculus Scaler

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The Sonia Dental Calculus Scaler helps you remove all of those uncomfortable brown and yellow stains at the comfort of your home at a minimum cost.

  • USING ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY: With ultrasonic dental cleaning, the Sonic Dental Calculus Scaler removes tartar from the surfaces of your teeth. This ultrasonic scaler vibrates at a very low, undetectable level, and this creates sound waves that literally break apart hardened tartar caused by coffee, tea or other staining beverages and food. It consists of 2 different tips to clean your teeth, a Pointed Head and a Flat Head. The Pointed Head is use to clean small calculus on teeth while the Flat Head is use to clean large calculus on the tooth surface.
  • SAFE FOR TEETH ENAMEL AND GUMS: The ultrasonic scaler will only works when it touches the teeth. Once it touch the soft gum, it will immediately stop working. As such is 100% safe for your teeth enamel and gum.
  • LED TEETH WHITENING FUNCTION: With a LED light-activation function, it increased lightening of tooth shade and maintained the lighter shade longer than non-light-activated teeth whitening. The LED light helps to speed up the chemical reactions that remove the stains from teeth.
  • EASY OPERATION - 3 CLEANING MODES: One button switching to meet your different cleaning needs. The Soft Mode is suitable for first-time user and those with sensitive teeth. The Standard Mode is for daily standard cleaning and Strong Mode is to remove dental calculus and deep cleaning.
  • WATER NOT REQUIRED: Water is not needed to remove the stains, tartar, plaque and stubborn dental stone. 
  • USB RECHARGEABLE:  To recharge, just connect it with your car, laptop, or your power bank. It takes 2 to 3 hours to fully recharged the ultrasonic scaler. The indicator on the device stops flashing once it fully charged. When fully charged, it can be used for about 6 to 10 times and the recommended used time is 5 to 8 minutes. 
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS: The Sonic Dental Calculus Scaler is suitable for the whole family including your pets! Get one for yourself and another for your family or best friend who loves coffee or tea.

How To Use:

  1. Install the tip (Pointed Head or Flat Head) and tighten it.
  2. Long press to turn on/off the device.
  3. Choose a cleaning mode.
  4. The device preset 10 minutes automatic shutdown function to prevent overheating.
  5. You need to unplug the charging cable before turning it on and use.
  6. The device only works when it touches the teeth. If you accidentally touches the gum or soft tissue, it will not work.


  • The device is suitable for adults use only. 
  • Use the device with care and follow all instructions given.

Package list: 1 * Dental Scaler, 1 * Pointed Head, 1 * Flat Head, 1 * Spanner, 1 * Charging Cable, 1 * Manual, 1 * Anti-Fog Mirror, 1 * Dental Tweezer and 1 * Dental Pick.

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