Top Selection Of Specialty Coffees


Our whole bean coffees are directly sourced and hand selected then expertly roasted. We only source our roasted coffee beans from the top 1% of specialty grade Arabica coffee beans from small farms and private estates in East Africa, Latin America, and the Pacific. All the beans we import are grown at altitudes of up to 6,000 feet because the cooler temperatures at the higher altitudes cause the bean to develop more slowly, which results in a more concentrated flavor. Knowing the specific origin and optimal roast for each coffee allows for a balanced flavor profile and captures the unique flavor characteristics of each bean.

Exciting flavors,
ethical background

Specialty coffee is more than what’s in your cup. It’s a movement that focuses on quality vs profit – bringing transparency to every stage of the chain and paying farmers a fair price. 

In-house roastery

We roast our own coffee! We made it our mission to bring the best experiences in ways that lift the spirit, inspire your daily rituals, and celebrate the community by sourcing specialty coffee from hand-picked single-origins around the world.

 At STARBREW™, we carefully select specialty grade beans from top world origins. Hand-picked, hand-processed, and precision roasted in our in-house roastery, our coffees are here to delight those in pursuit of exciting flavors.



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