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Teeth Whitening Pen
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Teeth Whitening Pen
Teeth Whitening Pen
Teeth Whitening Pen

The Sparkling Teeth Whitening Pen

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Giving up coffee, tea, or other tooth-staining beverages is the best way to prevent the staining caused by those drinks. But, for most people, this is not an acceptable solution as we love coffee and tea!

Some of the ways you can help prevent coffee or tea from staining your teeth are drinking through a straw, rinsing your mouth after your coffee or tea or brushing your teeth regularly but at times is just not that practical to follow.

However, you can naturally whiten your teeth by trying oil pulling, brushing with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide or using apple cider vinegar. But, using these methods are not only messy but it takes time as well. The other method is having your dentists to remove all of those uncomfortable brown and yellow stains. But, it always comes with a price. The time you need to spend at the dentist office as well as the cost of removing those stains are usually very expensive!

The Sparkling Teeth Whitening Pen can help you remove all of those uncomfortable brown and yellow stains at the comfort of your home at a minimum cost.

The Sparkling Teeth Whitening Pen is a  teeth whitening product in the form of gel and it safely and effectively removes many external stains on your teeth caused by coffee, tea or other staining beverages. For all coffee and tea lovers, you can consume as much coffee or tea without worrying about uncomfortable brown and yellow stains on your teeth.

Get one for yourself and another for your best friend who loves coffee or tea!

How to use: 

1) Brush, clean, floss and dry your teeth. 

2) Open the cover. Twist pen to dispense gel. 

3) Smile wide, keeping lips away from teeth and brush the gel on to your teeth. 

4) Apply a thin layer of gel to teeth.

5) Do not touch your teeth within 30 seconds to 1 minute 

6) Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes.

7) Clean your mouth after 30 minutes. 


  • For cosmetic use only. Do not swallow, Avoid contact with eyes. Store in a cool dry place out of the reach of children.
  • Temporary tooth sensitivity may occur, but discontinue use if sustained discomfort or irritation occur.
  • It may take longer for some to remove stains depending on the nature and how long the stains has been embedded on the teeth.
  • Avoid drinking coffee or tea immediately after undergoing teeth whitening as your teeth will be temporarily dehydrated after the teeth whitening process, during which they will be particularly vulnerable to staining.

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